Tuesday, 1 November 2011

An opening

November 1st has arrived, and I'm finally underway. Eek! This is completely unedited, but hopefully gives an idea of what is coming. I'd love any feedback anyone has to offer!

Crouched in her woody hiding place, Erin brushed some stray lilac hair behind one ear. The tree felt rough, solid beneath her hand as she gazed intently at the open space before her.

The dark green gorse and leylandii were well established here, their roots long since having cracked open the brittle tarmac and concrete; a harsh reality being replaced by a nature no more vivid. Erin was grateful for the soft breeze that caused the vegetation to sway softly, also keeping her cool as she sheltered from the overbearing sun. After an hour crouched under the tree canopy, this was still the only movement she had seen; the abandoned facility seemed empty.

Finally swatting away the flies buzzing around her, Erin wiped the sweat from her brow and stood slowly, creeping down the bank and emerging into the heat, all the while looking around for movement. Silence pressed in on her, almost making her hunch; the soft wind and the thumping of her own heartbeat filled her ears.

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