Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Brain freeze

Writing has been going pretty well so far - I've written a little over 4,000 words in 2 days, so in NaNoWriMo terms I'm ahead of the game. I'd like to have gotten a lot more down today, but I've been really busy again. I had a minor op to remove a lipoma yesterday, and then a freezer to defrost today.

Two things have struck today though, that are worthy of note. I'll comment on the second one first: somewhere amidst the freezer-defrosting, my brain has also frozen. I think it might have transferred to me during the carrying of mini-icebergs from freezer to sink. I'd taken today off to really crack on with the novel, but it's just not happening this afternoon. Ugg.

The first thing, that I will come to second, is voice. I really worried in advance about finding my voice. I've been looking for my writing voice for such a long time, and I've never felt that I have found it. On the way in to town this morning I was tapping away on the bus, and I realised I'd written about 350 words in under 15 minutes. More to the point, it felt natural and normal.

I may have found my voice after all. Now to wear it out!

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